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Circle Studios is a state-of-the-art recording facility and creative hub in Berlin for artists across genres and generations to come together, make and share music, find and pass on inspiration.


As a consultant for Sony Music, Sara Torchani planned and implemented the Circle Studios together with Berlin architects Studio Karhard, studio planners Concept-A (room acoustics) and Qvest Media (studio technology). This ensured a perfect interplay of different aspects right from the start: a place for creativity with the highest standards of design and acoustics. The result is a complex of diverse multifunctional studio rooms with excellent sound isolation and room acoustics. Despite their proximity, all rooms can be used simultaneously without any sort of interference.


Circles Studios is equipped with well-balanced acoustics for uncompromising playback of high-quality music recordings. ATC SCM 110 ASL loudspeakers with additional subwoofers are installed in the loudspeaker front, which is covered with untreated steel plates. As an acoustic counterpart, a Helmholtz diffuser, approx. 3.5x2.5m in size and weighing approx. 850kg, has been installed on the rear wall, providing mid-frequency diffusivity and damping in the low-frequency range.

Meet the team

Circle Studios is overseen by Sara Torchani, Creative Director, and sound engineers David Hofmann and Marc Landendinger.

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